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As it’s done in many cover incarnations throughout the years since its initial inclusion on Floyd ’s 1968 sophomore outing, A Saucerful of Secrets , “Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun” revels in its grandeur. In the hands of Vibravoid , it is the quintessential extended psychedelic rocker. One can easily imagine it taking up a whole LP side and blowing the minds of beardo baby boomers back in the day, but here it does just as well, starting with crashing waves and keeping some pop elements almost in spite of itself as it swoons and revives and follows a long drum march into a fade of mellotron/echoplex surreality. Just after 12:30, the trip takes a dark turn, with screams of string scratches echoing through and a wash of noise that finally brings back the central guitar line. It’s hardly a comedown to reality, but Vibravoid make it smooth anyway, keeping the overlap of effects atop the song’s third wave as it slowly redevelops the momentum the first had built, Koch stepping in with a verse as if to signal final arrival. They close on that classic guitar line, some “stylophone” and a gong sound and leave the last minute of Minddrugs to the same ocean sounds that began “Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun” what may have been eons ago. As staggering as the closer is in its scope and final impression it leaves, Vibravoid don’t rely completely on the cover to show their personality throughout Minddrugs . Rather, they extract from the ether a variety of psychedelic twists and forms and, with a core of high-grade pop songwriting, set about exploring a universe of lysergic dimensionality. Specifics of Minddrugs may be hard to track down, but the mission of consciousness-expansion remains clear, and Vibravoid ’s loyalty to classic psychedelia is all-encompassing and brilliantly captured here. - . Taskmaster (The Obelisk December 27, 2011)

Vibravoid - Triptamine E.P. Volume 5Vibravoid - Triptamine E.P. Volume 5Vibravoid - Triptamine E.P. Volume 5Vibravoid - Triptamine E.P. Volume 5