Allerede i det andre forsøket ble det påvist olje på norsk sokkel. Det tok imidlertid svært lang tid og mange brønner før funnet ble erklært kommersielt.

Colin Fleming of The Atlantic has identified The Story of Simon Simopath (1967) by British psychedelic band Nirvana as the first recorded rock opera. [2] Later in 1967, Montreal's Influence recorded a long suite titled "Mad Birds of Prey (A Mini-Opera)", which closed out their sole album, which was released in January 1968. [3] Perhaps unaware of these earlier efforts, Neil Strauss of The New York Times wrote that . Sorrow (1968) by The Pretty Things is "generally acknowledged as the first rock opera". [4] Although Pete Townshend denied taking any influence from . Sorrow , critics have compared The Who's Tommy to it. [4] Scott Mervis of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette wrote that, although Tommy was not the first rock opera, it was the first album to be billed as such. [5] Tommy would go on to influence On and On , a rap opera by The Fat Boys [6] and American Idiot , a punk rock opera by Green Day . [7] In an effort to appeal to more modern audiences, opera companies have welcomed more pop and rock influences. The resulting rock operas have met varying degrees of success as the worlds of high art and low art mix. [8]

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